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Wellness Consulting

with & for people & planet


All eight elements interconnect, reinforce & influence each other.

The more vibrant

they all are,

you are too.


Illuminate HumaNature's 

Activate & Inspire Your Full Potential!

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Illuminate HumaNature is a social enterprise by Deidre Schuetz that facilitates wellbeing with and for people and the planet by providing wellness services and generating initiatives that foster peace within oneself, between people, with nature, and with powers beyond for a brilliant glow from the inside out. Would you love to...

  • improve your health and wellbeing?

  • create a life you love living?

  • live a more balanced life?

  • decrease your stress and/or pain?

  • change one or more patterns in your life?

  • use your personal power to do something you want? 

  • live in synchrony with natural systems that support health and abundance? 

Deidre would LOVE to facilitate your process!

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My wellness consulting, wellness classestherapeutic massage and initiatives have a similar approach. I work with your vision and goals to co-design steps and solutions with you to achieve the outcomes you desire. 

  • Identify patterns and habits that damper versus amplify your vitality. 

  • Brainstorm and identify changes to improve your wellbeing.

  • Tap into your own intuition and self-knowledge to discover the most vibrant pathway to live your dream.

  • Integrate and synergize your lifestyle, habits, and self-care for more vibrant energy.

  • Help you generate and emanate your inner glow.
  • Enjoy your self-sustainable, brilliant results! 

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Deidre  Schuetz


Portland, Oregon, USA

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